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Heating and Cooling

We can repair or service any brand of equipment to help you get the most comfort from your utility dollars, and when you are ready to talk about replacing the system, we'll provide a FREE ESTIMATE.  We stand behind everything we sell, with unsurpassed service after the sale.
Efficiency is key for today's home comfort systems, and Lennox leads the industry in efficiency and reliability.  Technology allows homeowners to control living space environments in ways never before possible.  Heating and cooling in various areas of the house can be controlled by programmable zone thermostats, and overall comfort is improved even more with whole house humidifiers and air purification systems. No one makes a better or more efficient system than Lennox. 
http://www.lennox.com/residential/ .  And since we have been a Lennox dealer for over 45 years, no one has more experience installing and servicing those systems than Garrett & Campbell. 
Ground source systems have become increasingly popular, so we have teamed up with the experts at Geothermal to provide the best system we could get.  Learn more about it at http://o2geo.com/wp/
The following email was received June 3, 2010 from a happy customer:

"Dear Bud,

 This is a follow-up to our observations of your recent, October, 2009, heat/air conditioning system efficiency upgrade at our home. 

 We expected the 5 Ton Lennox/DX EarthLink ground source heat pump system to:

 ·        Perform extremely efficiently

·        Very substantially lowering the heating and cooling costs

·        Maintain our 4,000+ SF home in total comfort 

·        Pay for itself in a relatively short period of time

·        Be painless and not disruptive to our household 

 We are not disappointed with results provided.

 Thanks to the Garrett & Campbell and EarthLink team, for the professional and pleasant venture into energy efficiency!  There were no surprises in the total seamless concept from the initial home energy survey, project quote, actual cost, installation processes or final operation of the system. 

 I would recommend Garrett & Campbell with the O2 Geothermal professionals unequivocally to anyone wishing to push the envelope for the most efficient heating/air conditioning technology available in a small footprint. 

 Initial results are very exciting as the new system costs pennies per hour to operate.  Energy bills are plummeting.  Thanks!

 Dennis & Joann Walker"